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eschew obfuscation

7 January
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I saw a lion he was standing alone, with a tadpole in a jar.

12:51, adventures, albert hammond jr, algebra, andy warhol, anthropology, arroz con pollo, athleticism, aussie slang, avenue q, awkwardness, backpacking, bagpipes, big boys, boogie boarding, bubble baths, carousels, cartwheels, casablanca, cathedrals, cavemen, cellists, chias, chopsticks, cordial campari, crumpets, david sedaris, discussions, distortion, duct tape, dynamics, evisceration, existence, eyebrows, fads, falafel, family guy, flowers, français, friends, frisbees, fun dip, funny faces, games workshop, goat cheese, grateful dead, greg moss, gummy worms, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, head scarfs, hello kitty, heroes, hiking, holidays, home movies, horns, horror flicks, hors d'erves, hot air balloons, hugs, humanities, imaginary numbers, indian bangles, james grint, jeans, johnny-the-mexican, kayaking, kisses, kristina's nose, kumquats, lampshades, magical pom-poms, medusa, mitch hedburg, modern art, moon walks, mountains, movie marathons, mullets, musicals, nachos, nancy farmer, nantucket nectars, natalie dee, nicknames, nokomis, pangea, pda, peachy-os, philosophy, pillsbury doughboy, pirates, plasms, poetry, pointless jokes, potions, puns, radiohead, raisins, records, referees, riddles, sand, sappy movies, scandals, scootering, scotsmen, screaming, seven for all mankind, shades, shakespeare, sideburns, skiing, snorkeling, social science, sofas, spanish, spatulas, sporks, strudel, studios apartments, subways, sunshine, tagslp, tampons, tango, teachers, technology, testophone, the cure, the intraweb, the police, the strokes, the velvet underground, toes, travel, trotting, true religion, tutorial awesome, twister, umbrellas, unibrow, urban outfitters, venting, vienna, vintage, wallpaper, writing, wyclef jean